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Find everything you need to get healthy and stay healthy. From fitness essentials to over the counter solutions for whatever ails you, you can find everything you need to stock your house for health and happiness.

Where do I start when stocking my home first aid box?

Having a good first aid box at home is an invaluable necessity, and we can help you figure out what goes inside. You're going to want to stock up on everything you need to care for minor injuries, burns and other discomforts that pop up from time to time.

Wound care: Include bandages and other wound care items in your first aid kit. These can cover up cleaned, exposed cuts or bug bites to help aid in healing and keep smaller children from re-injuring themselves. You'll need bandages in multiple sizes, for everything from little fingers to adult knees. You may want to consider getting some gauze and medical tape for patching up awkward injuries that need coverage. Add some Hydrogen Peroxide and wound ointment, and you're prepared for all of the bumps and bruises that life brings.

Itch relief: Sometimes bug bites and exposure to poisonous plants can cause serious discomfort. Include some itch ointment and light dressings to care for itchy situations.

Travel tips: Being on the road or on vacation are some of the most inconvenient times for injuries to crop up. However, you're probably not a stranger to the reality that they indeed do especially if you're traveling with little ones. Don't let minor accidents keep you down for long, though. Pre-assembled travel first aid kits bring peace of mind for traveling in the car or slipping into a suitcase. Add some extras of your own, like ginger tabs and anti-nausea bands for those in your party who may be prone to motion sickness, and you're good to go.

Last cold and flu season was brutal on my family. How can I stock the medicine cabinet to ensure this winter won't be as bad?

Handling colds and flus is no fun, but a well stocked medicine cabinet is definitely critical for weathering the storm of sickness that often descends with little warning. We recommend a yearly flu shot before flu season starts, which you and your family can conveniently get at a DX Offers Mall Pharmacy. Here are a few helpful remedies to have at home.

Over the counter relief: Thankfully, there are many easily accessible over the counter medications that alleviate some of the discomfort that comes along with common winter illnesses. From cough blockers to sniffle stoppers, you can choose pills or liquids that fight your cold for a few hours or all night long. Don't forget to get some natural cough syrup and pain relievers for the little ones while you're at it.

Pain relief: Getting relief from pain, whether related to illness or simply a tension headache, is something you definitely don't want to spend much time thinking about when you're in the thick of it. Stock up on traditional pain medications for adults and children. And include some other relievers, like antacids, for when tummy troubles strike your home.

Allergy relief: Keep some anti-histamines on deck for the first days of spring, when unexpected pollen blooms can knock you down without much warning. Stocking up on your family's tried and true allergy relief medications makes transitioning to the new season a total breeze.

I'm trying to get healthier. What things might I try to help achieve my fitness goals and improve my overall wellness?

Committing to healthier living is always easier when you have a few simple products on hand to help you stick with your diet and exercise goals. Having a well-stocked pantry, gym bag and home workout space will give you the confidence to embark on the path to a healthier, happier you.

Protein supplements: If your new fitness routine has you pumping some serious iron, you'll need to replenish with plenty of protein during your downtime. Protein supplements are an easy way to up your intake, and many have delicious flavors that will have you craving your post-workout shake.

Energy boosters and meal replacements: If you're trying to cut your calories but need to keep your energy up for your after work Pilates class, choosing a high protein and high fiber meal replacement can help you feel full and stay right on track. Choose from energy bars that speak to your sweet tooth or meal replacement shakes that are easier than hitting the drive thru when you're on the go.

Vitamins: Keeping your energy up can be as simple as replacing vital vitamins and minerals that you need to stay in peak health. Grab a multivitamin or target something specific, like Vitamin E, to nourish your body and boost your natural defenses.

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