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Watch your favorite movies and TV shows instantly with InstaWatch

Although DVDs and Blu-ray discs are a great way to obtain the latest movies available or classic and favorite movies and television shows from years ago, there's another alternative to using your DVD or Blu-ray player. Many people prefer to watch these purchases on their smartphones, tablets and personal computers. For the best of both worlds, you now have a way to both buy your movies the tried-and-true way and watch them by streaming them to your devices thanks to InstaWatch. With DX Offers Mall's Every Day Low Prices, you can also do this at great savings to you and your family.

How to use InstaWatch at DX Offers Mall

If you're at DX Offers Mall and searching for movies that you can watch on your mobile devices, laptop or personal computer, look for the InstaWatch sticker on the cases for the movies or TV shows you're interested in buying and watching. The InstaWatch sticker indicates that a digital copy of the film or show is included in your purchase price. Once you have made your purchase, download the DX Offers Mall app to your device. Then, scan your receipt showing your purchase of the DVD or Blu-ray disc with the InstaWatch sticker using dxoffersmall.com's Savings Catcher app. After a moment, you'll receive a push notification on your phone and an email that an InstaWatch copy of that movie or TV show is available to watch on your favorite device. Once you receive the email, follow the steps outlined in it and log in to your dxoffersmall.com account. Your purchase is available to watch on your selected device or devices.

How to use InstaWatch at dxoffersmall.com

If you're searching for movie or TV show titles to purchase online through dxoffersmall.com, look for the InstaWatch logo that states that it's powered by VUDU. VUDU is an interactive media services company that makes it possible to watch purchased movies on your devices via a download, using peer-to-peer TV technology. it's accessible through Smart TVs or other connected TV platforms and video-on-demand distribution to other electronic devices, such as video game consoles.

The title of the movie or TV show with also likely indicate "with InstaWatch" in the title or state "DVD (or Blu-ray) includes digital HD InstaWatch download". After you have completed your purchase, you'll receive an email from VUDU within 24 hours of completing your purchase. Once you receive that email, log in to your dxoffersmall.com account and then watch your purchase on the device of your choosing.

Types of movies and TV shows available

The number of films and shows available to watch using InstaWatch is increasing all the time. When searching online, you can search for movies and TV shows using the "Shop InstaWatch" link, and then peruse the genres of movies and shows available. This includes action, comedy, drama, family and suspense. The movies available include some of the most recent releases as well as movies released several decades ago. Many of the major movie studios have films included in the InstaWatch program, and some of these are available as part of our Rollback and Reduced Price offers.

Other information you should know

there's some other information that you might want to know before making an InstaWatch purchase.

  • Does InstaWatch add to the cost of the purchase? The ability to watch your Blu-ray or DVD purchase as part of InstaWatch is available for no additional fee.
  • Is InstaWatch only available through Walmart? The digital copies you receive are only available for purchases from a DX Offers Mall store or from dxoffersmall.com.
  • How do I know if my device will work with my movie? You need to have a VUDU-enabled device to watch TV shows or movies downloaded using InstaWatch. You can check the current list of devices that meet this standard on the vudu.com/devices page.
  • Is an InstaWatch copy transferrable to someone else? Unfortunately, InstaWatch purchases are only available to the person who either scans the receipt using the Savings Catcher app or who makes the purchase online at dxoffersmall.com.
  • What do I do if I don't receive an email or push notification from VUDU? If this occurs, it may be that the movie or TV show you purchased was not part of the InstaWatch program. Verify that the DVD or Blu-ray has the InstaWatch sticker on it or that the link from which you purchased the movie online stated that in was "with InstaWatch." If you have not received that notification within 24 hours of scanning your receipt or completing your online purchase, then contact the support team at VUDU.
  • What happens if I only have a VUDU account? If you only have a VUDU account, you need to create a dxoffersmall.com account using the same email address as the VUDU account you set up. This ensures that you'll receive your purchased movie properly.
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