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Choosing comfortable and flattering intimates

Whether you're buying for yourself of for that special someone, you should know that there are certain guidelines when buying underwear, lingerie and comparable items for a woman. First and foremost, the item should be comfortable. Nearly as important, however, is that it also looks and makes her look and feel good. Ill-fitting underwear is something everyone has dealt with at one time or another, so make sure you know your size or hers before making a selection. Once you have that information, you can choose from the many different options we have available, each of them at our Every Day Low Prices.


When selecting a brassiere for yourself or someone you know, it's important to know what size bra to get. Bras are measured two ways: back size and cup size. So, if you see a bra that's labeled as a 34D, that means the bra is sized for someone who measures 34 inches around the back (where the bra would normally go on) and the cup size is D, indicating a woman with larger breasts.

An effective way to measure for a bra is directly under the breasts, wrapping a measuring tape so that it goes all the way around. Making sure that the tape flat against your body snugly, note the nearest inch mark round up to the next number if between inches. Then, if that number is even, add 4 inches to the total. If the result is odd, add 5 inches to the total. So, if you measured and received 30 as your result, then the band size for your bra is 34. Then, use the measuring tape to measure your bust, doing this at the fullest part of your breasts. Round your result up to the next whole number. Then, subtract your band size from your bust size. For example, if your bust size is 34 and your band size is 30, then your bra size is 34D. A difference of 0 indicates an AA cup and a difference of 7 indicates a G cup. If you cannot measure, such as if you're buying a gift for a wife or girlfriend, ask one of her friends or relatives if they know what size she wears.

Once you know the bra size, you can then select a bra. We offer a complete line of bras, including bras that have underwires for additional support and wireless bras that offer less support. We also have sports bras, which hug tight against the skin and bosom and provide support when running or exercising. T-shirt bras are bras that look virtually invisible when worn beneath a T-shirt. We also have push-up bras, which have added padding to make your bosom look fuller. Curvy bras are designed with more full-figured women in mind, and full-coverage bras are for women who need a little extra support. If you have a newborn baby, we also have nursing bras that make it easy to feed your baby with little to no hassle. Bras are available in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, spandex, polyester and blends. We also have a multitude of colors to match your tastes.

Panties and shapewear

The style of panties you or the person you're buying for wears is a matter of personal taste. Some women opt for more coverage while other prefer less. Panty and shapewear (girdles and pantyhose) measurements are obtained by simply measuring the hips at the widest part. Measurements range from 33 to 34 inches for size 4, which is XS (extra small), to 55 to 56 inches for size 15, which is 8XL (extra large).

The options for panties include bikini, which is also known as a basic panty and offers a moderate amount of coverage; high-waisted briefs, which offer full coverage and some assistance with belly issues; briefs or boyshorts, which resemble men's underwear, only sexier; thongs, which offer minimal coverage; hipsters, which are a cross between bikini bottoms and boyshorts; and hi-cuts, which offer good coverage but are cut higher on the thighs. Panties are available individually, in packs or in sets with matching bras. The same type of materials that make up the bras are available for panties too, although cotton is probably the most comfortable.

Shapewear is also available in a camisole, which is like a tank top that offers support in the right areas. There are also rompers, which are like camisoles but also have a bottom attached. There are shapewear items that slim the entire torso from below the breast to the thighs and ones that target one specific area like thigh trimmers. We also have hose available that come with control panties included.


With lingerie, we have many different options from which you can choose in a variety of fabrics and colors. Some of the best choices include:

  • Teddy a lacy undergarment that looks similar to a one-piece bathing suit; can be sleeveless and strapless
  • Bustier offers support to the waist and features a push-up bra
  • Corset a tight-fitting bodice that's secured with strings
  • Bodysuit although sometimes used as shapewear, there are sheer versions as well, all of which resemble a leotard
  • Kimono a short, light robe often made from silk or similar material; can be solid colors or flowery
  • Babydoll this is a short nightgown that stops about thigh level; it usually has a matching panty
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