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Tennis and Racquets

Having the right racquet can make a big difference in your tennis game. The best racquet for you will depend on your playing level and style.

If you're a beginner, look for a pre-strung racquet with a large head, around 107 to 125 square inches. An oversized racquet will have a large "sweet spot," the area on the string bed that produces the best feel and power. If you're an advanced player, you may prefer a high-tech composite racquet, which provides superior power with a lighter weight.

Your playing style is another factor to consider. If you have a loopy and long swing and hit the ball aggressively, you're a power player, and you're best off with a smaller racquet that can provide better control. If your swing speed ranges from slow to moderate and you have a short, compact stroke, you're a finesse player. Buy a stiffer, longer racquet with a larger head size for a greater sweet spot. If you have a long, slow stroke or a fast, compact swing, you're a combination player. Look for a compromise between the longer, more powerful racquets and the shorter ones with better control.

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