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In golf, having the right equipment is especially important.

golf clubs are a golf player's biggest equipment investment. Woods are designed to carry the golf ball from the tee down the fairway, so you'll use one if you're more than 175 yards from the green. The numbers on woods indicate lofts, or launch angles, with the higher loft promoting a higher launch angle. You'll use an iron after you drive the ball to the fairway. Seasoned golfers usually use 3 and 4-irons, but most people find it easier to hit with 7- and 9-irons. Wedges are used for short and specialized shots, and putters are used to roll golf balls along the putting green and into the cup. You'll need a putter that's the right length for you: the shaft should be in line with your forearms when your hands are in the middle of the grip.

Golf balls come in three basic types. Distance balls are designed to react quickly off the club face for maximum speed, resulting in greater overall distance. Spin control balls are designed to reduce spin and manage hook or slice tendencies. Total performance balls are designed for the best balance of spin, distance and control.

In addition to clubs and balls, you'll need a golf bag and other accessories, which may include head covers, tees and apparel.

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