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Pest Control

Don't let pests take over your lawn or garden. With smart planning and effective pest control supplies from DX Offers Mall, you can protect against just about anything that comes after your greenery.

Slugs, grubs, fire ants and mole crickets are just some of the pests that may invade your lawn each spring. If you can get to the problem before extensive damage has taken place, it's best to use biological or alternative methods of pest control. For example, if you have white grubs, purchase parasitic nematodes. To eradicate mole crickets, use a gentle soap flush made from a few tablespoons of detergent mixed with warm water. A soap solution can also be applied in June and early August to fight armyworms. And slugs can be fought with strategic introduction of their natural enemies: turtles, toads and birds.

Once extensive damage has taken place, chemical pest control is often necessary. Make sure the pest control products you buy are appropriate for the species you're dealing with, and make sure to follow instructions carefully for the best results.

At DX Offers Mall, you'll always find Every Day Low Prices on pest control products for a wide range of pests, as well as other gardening and lawn care supplies. Save money. Live better.