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How do I choose my kid's first camera?

Kids' cameras come in all shapes, sizes and styles. One of the most important attributes for a kid's camera is durability; look for acrylic or other plastic models that can handle playtime and drops. Try to select a color or character your child likes to help encourage usage.

To zoom or not to zoom?

Fixed-lens cameras don't provide zooming options. They generally come with mounts and provide unique perspectives to collect photos and videos. Kids can attach fixed-lens cameras to a bicycle helmet or skateboard for a unique experience.

Zoom lens cameras give your child options to get shots far away without having to chase down their subject. Auto focus functions allow kids to zoom in great distances and still get a clear shot.

What's the best connectivity choice?

Whether it's a USB cable or a converter that plugs into an iPad, connectivity is about personal preference. If you've never imported photos or videos before, check your computer for connectivity options before purchasing a kids' camera.