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Windshield wiper blades

New wiper blades keep the rain, snow, and fog from hindering your view. Choose wiper blades that perform well in your normal driving conditions.

Windshield wiper types: There are three basic types of windshield wiper blades:

  • Standard blades are squeegees made of plain or halogen-reinforced rubber.
  • Winter-season blades have protective shells to keep the blades from cracking. Winter blades remove ice and snow easily.
  • Silicone blades stay soft and pliable longer and may be reinforced with graphite.

Check your owner's manual for the type of blade recommended for your vehicle.

Specialty wiper blades: Heated windshield wiper blades won't freeze and stick to windshield glass in frigid conditions. Scrubbing windshield wiper blades clear mud and debris from windshield glass and are useful for off-road and construction vehicles.

Be careful when installing windshield wipers yourself, since each style of wiper blade has its own unique attachment method. You want the wiper blades to be firmly installed in the wiper mechanisms for optimal performance.