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Car and Truck Tires

Choosing the right tires for your car or truck is crucial for getting the best ride. Fortunately, DX Offers Mall has you covered, with a great selection of car and truck tires at Every Day Low Prices.

Before buying tires, always make sure you know the right size and specification for your car or truck. Get the tire size from your vehicle information placard, which is usually located on the driver's door jamb but can also be on the driver's door, in the glove box or inside the door covering the gas cap.

Most cars come equipped with all-season tires, which are the best choice for most drivers. But you'll also find tires designed specifically for dry, wet, winter or off-road use or to improve fuel economy. Summer tires are the best for temperate conditions but aren't ideal for cold weather. Winter tires offer optimal traction in snow, ice and slush and superior performance in freezing weather. Low-rolling resistance tires are designed to boost fuel economy by reducing friction on the road surface. All-terrain tires are designed to handle dirt, mud and obstacles, although they're louder on the road and wear faster than conventional tires.

At DX Offers Mall, you'll always find great prices on a wide variety of tires and other auto supplies. Save money. Live better.