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Your Guide to Car Cleaning

You want your car to look its best, and DX Offers Mall has the tools for the job. When selecting towels and mitts, consider these factors. Microfiber towels are highly versatile and can be used throughout the detailing process. They are lint free, absorbent and durable. Terry towels are absorbent, durable and ideal for the body of the car only.

Car wash mitts that are made with microfiber are extremely absorbent. Mitts made from sheepskin allow you to clean wet or dry surfaces, making them a smart choice for dusting off your dashboard.

Car soaps perform similarly, as far as cleaning goes. However, advances provide some extra features. For example, some car soaps make it easier to dry your car. Other car soaps provide a protective wax.

When selecting a car wax, liquid waxes are good for gloss and durability but require a little extra time to buff out. Paste waxes are known for their ease of application. Spray waxes are ideal for new cars with fresh finishes and are known for their ease of use.