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Remodeling your home is a complicated job, and choosing flooring is one of the major decisions you may have to make. When you consider what kind of flooring to buy, think about the members of your household, including adults, children, and pets. Depending on your household, you may have to choose options that are hypoallergenic or scratch resistant. It's also important to consider the location of the flooring. Living rooms and children's bedrooms are often more heavily trafficked than bathrooms and master bedrooms, and kitchens and dining rooms are more likely to be sites of messes and spills. In these locations, you'll probably want flooring that's easy to clean.

hardwood flooring is a popular and attractive option, but it should be avoided in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and basements, as moisture can cause the wood to warp. Laminate floors look similar to hardwood but are generally less expensive. Tile flooring is generally easy to clean and offers a variety of design options. There are many types of flooring tile available, including ceramic tile, stone tile and vinyl flooring tiles. Ceramic tile may be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles are stain resistant and more resilient in cold weather. stone tiles are elegant options for areas that aren't heavily used.

Carpeting is another option. Although it can be more difficult to clean and maintain than other flooring options, carpeting has the advantages of muffling noise and holding in heat.